Did you know that a rabbit’s enclosure should be a minimum of two metres in length? Your bunny’s home should allow him to stand up fully on his hind legs, run and jump. Their home should allow adequate space for grooming and feeding, with a separate area for toileting. Did you know that rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray? Pretty cool right! This has seen the housing of companion rabbits indoors become increasingly popular!

Housing needs to be predator proof, mosquito proof and situated somewhere protected from the rain and extreme weather conditions, particularly if the temperature dips below 4 degrees Celsius and above 28 degrees Celsius. We also advise against wire cage floors as these can cause very painful sores on your bun’s feet and legs.

And don’t forget – just like us, your bunny needs exercise – at least 4 hours a day outside of his enclosure to give those legs a good stretch!


Rabbits should interact with their human for at least 2 to 3 hours daily. The more interactive we are with our rabbits the more comfortable they are with us.

Having a bonded pair of rabbits is ideal and the best for their welfare and health. Be wary when introducing new rabbits, as they can fight and become territorially aggressive.

Sometimes rabbits are good with out pets such as cats and dogs. We do not recommend that rabbits and guinea pigs cohabitate together as rabbits may carry Bordetella which is lethal to guinea pigs.