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Kitten Proofing Your House

Kittens are naturally curious, and therefore can get into a lot a trouble in a normal household. Make sure all chemicals or poisons are kept in a tightly secured container in a cupboard that is not accessible to children or pets.

  • Keep the toilet lid down and ensure that bathtubs are emptied after use.
  • Keep plastics bags away to prevent suffocation or strangling. Cats love bags, especially ones which make noises.
  • Keep miscellaneous household items, like rubber bands, string, twist ties, sewing kits away.
  • Secure electrical cords and install a safety switch to prevent electrocution.

There are also many plants which are toxic to cats. These include lilies, azaleas, daffodils, foxglove, hydrangeas, poinsettias and cyclamen. For a more complete list, refer to List of Poisonous Plants for Dogs & Cats

As a new kitten owner, there’s a lot of new information to to learn. Therefore a complete downloadable guide to caring for your new puppy is available below for your convenient future reference

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