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Registration & Microchipping


Your pup needs to be registered with the local council from 3 months of age. Registration forms are available at the council offices. Pets which have been desexed or have a microchip implanted are eligible for a discounted rate.


Microchipping is a safe and permanent form of identification for your dog. Unlike collars and tags, microchips cannot be lost. The microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice, and implanted between the shoulder blades by injection. All stray animals which present to the pound, animal shelter, or vet clinic are scanned for a microchip. If a microchip has been implanted, your dog can be quickly reunited with you. We generally implant microchips at the time of desexing, but it can also be performed during a normal consultation.

As a new puppy owner, there’s a lot of new information to learn. Therefore a complete downloadable guide to caring for your new puppy is available below for your convenient future reference.

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