Why is neutering rabbits so important?

Neutering is important for both female and male rabbits. Reasons for neutering include:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy
  • Prevention and/or reduction of aggressive behaviour
  • Prevention and/or reduction of undesirable sexual behaviours and territorial marking
    • Male rabbits can start urine spraying and territorial marking as young as 5 – 6months of age
    • Prevention and treatment of reproductive disease
    • Female rabbits have a high chance of developing uterine cancer if not neutered (over 80% of rabbits over the age of 5 will have uterine cancer)
    • Male rabbits are at risk of developing testicular cancer

When should I neuter my rabbit?

We advise neutering rabbits after 6 months of age so that we can correctly identify their gender, as well as wait for them to finish their vaccination course.