Let us introduce you to Doogle – one very brave old lady!

Doogle was diagnosed with heart failure in recent years, presenting to us last month when her owner noticed she was lethargic, inappetent and struggling to toilet. Of great concern was her enlarged abdomen and swollen feet, resulting in Doogle’s admission for an AFAST ultrasound and further investigation. Imaging results showed that her abdomen was full of fluid – confirming right sided heart failure, resulting in substantial pressure on her abdominal contents and blood vessels.

A remarkable 450ml of fluid was drained from Doogle’s abdomen, seeing rapid improvement in her clinical signs. A review of her current heart medications, alongside regular draining of fluid from her abdomen has seen her usual personality return. She’s back to running around with her four-legged friends and loving her food again!

Although we’re unable to cure Doogle’s underlying disease, the current management plan has seen great improvement in her quality of life – allowing her some more precious time with her family.