Blossom, the 13.5-year-old Birman cat, presented to the NWVC after her owner noticed a large swelling on her behind. After clipping away some of her long fur, a large pus-filled abscess was discovered.

Blossom was scheduled for surgery the following day to flush and clean the area. A drain was placed, allowing fluid to drain from the area.

Blossom is recovering well; her drain has been removed and her stitches will be out shortly.

Abscesses can occur all over the body and for a variety of reasons, however cat bite abscesses are a common reason for veterinary visits. It’s not unusual for cats to fight, often over territory. Cats’ teeth are sharp, and easily produce puncture wounds on their opponent. These wounds typically heal over quickly; however, they leave behind an abundance of unwanted bacteria. In an attempt to fight the infection, white blood cells and bacteria accumulate beneath the skin, forming a pus-filled pocket, known as an abscess.

These infections can be painful and should not be left untreated.

If you notice an unusual lump or swelling on your pet, never hesitate to seek veterinary advise – we’re here to help!