We met gorgeous Miss Priscilla a few weeks ago, a Beagle who was rescued by her owner and presumed to be about 10 years of age.  She came in to have a small lump investigated that had grown on the side of her body.

Upon careful examination, a fine needle aspirate was performed to gather some cells from the lump, and after a closer inspection under the microscope, Dr. Dawn determined that it was a mast cell tumour.  Mast cell tumours are unfortunately cancerous, and are one of the most common skin tumours that are found on dogs.


It is recommended to remove these as soon as possible, and so Priscila was booked in for a lump removal the following week.  The surgery was successful, with the whole lump being carefully and completely excised (removed).

After analysis from the pathology lab, it was determined that it was fully removed with adequate margins, vital to the success of the surgery and to Priscilla’s ongoing good health.  So due to her owner’s quick response upon finding the lump and Priscilla’s resilience, she can rest easy after her surgery and is now doing very well back at home!