Mr. Rafa paid us a visit last month to undergo routine desexing and hernia repair … what happened next was far from routine!

We first met Rafa when he presented for a tummy upset in early October. Following a thorough physical examination, a blood test and xrays, no foreign body was identified. Dr Jon did however diagnose a case of Prostatitis (disease of the prostate) – which required further management. After two weeks on a bland diet, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics we saw marked improvement in his gastrointestinal symptoms.

Rafa was scheduled for desexing (to manage further prostate issues), hernia repair and a gastropexy – a surgical procedure performed in large breed dogs to prevent gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat.


Upon returning for his procedures, it was noted that Rafa was still NQR. While under anaesthetic for his desexing and gastropexy, Dr. Jon performed an exploratory laparotomy … and found large remnants of a towel!

Rafa is one lucky man – these types of foreign bodies can lead to a serious blockage, often having disastrous consequences!

We’re pleased to report that Rafa has made a remarkable recovery … although still attempting to eat everything!