Miss Honey, the 10-year-old Labrador, was transferred to the NWVC from Casey Pet Emergency where she was receiving intravenous fluid therapy and pain relief for an upset tummy.  Honey had been off her food and vomiting for a few days when she arrived at NWVC.

Honey was admitted to hospital for further fluids and pain relief and an abdominal xray. The x-rays revealed no clear evidence of a foreign body, and she was sent home with her family for monitoring that evening. The following morning Honey was still out of sorts. She was readmitted and a follow up xray was performed. This time, it was clear that something unusual was present within her gastrointestinal tract and Honey was prepped for surgery – an exploratory laparotomy, whereby the abdomen is opened for further investigation under a general anaesthetic.

During the surgery Dr. Dawn identified and removed a large amount of what appeared to be a rope toy or cloth from her stomach and intestines. Unfortunately, irreparable damage had been caused to a small section of her intestines. Dr. Dawn removed this section and re-joined the healthy tissue.

Honey woke from her procedure well. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was transferred back to CPE overnight and returned the following morning for continued post-operative care.

We are so pleased to hear that Honey has made a remarkable recovery and is feeling like her old cheeky self.