Wilco the 13-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has been a frequent flyer here at the NWVC over the past year. Throughout multiple lump removals, chronic ear problems and skin issues he has been an absolute trooper.

Thankfully, Wilco’s Mum is very attentive to Wilco’s health and wellbeing. When she noticed Wilco was not himself a few weeks ago, she came straight to see Dr. Dawn for a check-up.

A comprehensive examination revealed some concerns for Dr. Dawn. Wilco was admitted to hospital for a blood test and x-rays under general anaesthesia. X-rays revealed arthritis in his joints and spine, and as suspected – a mass within his abdomen. Wilco was later scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound with Dr. Susi, confirming a mass on his gall bladder (a small pouch located under the liver used to store bile).

After discussion with Wilco’s Mum, he was referred to the specialists at South Paws for further CT imaging and removal of the mass. A sample was sent to the lab for identification. Thankfully, histopathology was consistent with a gall bladder mucocele with no growth on culture.

Despite major surgery, Wilco has made a remarkable recovery and is like a new dog!