We met Trixie for the first time when she came in for her annual C3 vaccination. Her owner was also concerned about dental disease and a broken canine tooth. After a complete physical examination Trixie received her annual vaccination and was booked for a dental procedure (perfect timing – it’s dental month!).

Trixie was admitted to hospital for her dental procedure 2 weeks later. Under a general anaesthetic dental radiographs were performed and Trixie’s mouth was thoroughly examined. Dr. Dawn noted a slab fracture and discolouration of the right upper canine, discolouration of the left upper canine and grade 1 tartar on all the teeth.


Dr. Dawn removed both upper canine teeth and performed a scale and polish on all remaining teeth. Trixie recovered well from the anaesthetic and was sent home with a course of pain relief and a dental specific diet to help keep her teeth in great shape.

We saw Trixie back 5 days later for her follow up appointment. We’re pleased to report she has recovered well.

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