Jetti, the 7-year-old domestic shorthair presented to the NWVC last month after recent episodes of vomiting. During her examination, a white string could be seen lodged under her tongue – a most unusual finding! With cause for further investigation, Dr. Jon performed a set of radiographs with some interesting findings. The x-rays showed some abnormal changes to her bowel and what appeared to be a linear foreign body.

Jetti was admitted for surgical investigation. Given her age, a preanaesthetic blood profile was performed – an important measure to ensure she was fit for surgery. The results indicated some mild dehydration, but otherwise appeared normal. Jetti was placed on intravenous fluids and a premedication was administered.

While under a full general anaesthetic, an incision was made into the abdomen. This allowed Dr. Jon to make an organised inspection of the abdominal organs – where he once again came across the white string! It would seem Miss Jetti had ingested a lengthy piece of dental floss, which had made its way throughout the digestive tract all the way to her colon!

Dr. Jon carefully, and successfully removed the length of dental floss and prepared Jetti for recovery.

We’re pleased to report that Jetti is feeling much better and has since reconsidered her dental care approach!

Cats are curious by nature and notorious for ingesting foreign objects such as string, wool, dental floss and small toys. While often these items will pass through without complication – its not uncommon for these items to cause an obstruction, requiring surgical intervention and removal.

Attempt to limit your cat’s access to these items and provide toys that are the right size and made of material that won’t break down into smaller, potentially hazardous pieces. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask us.