Meet the gorgeous Toulouse. He has become a regular visitor here at NWVC after developing a nasty ear infection last month.

When Toulouse came in for his final arthritis injection, his owner reported having noticed brown discharge from his right ear. Upon further investigation Dr. Dawn could see that both ears were very inflamed, with the right ear being particularly painful. Unfortunately, Toulouse was not too keen on the idea of having a cytology sample collected (and who could blame him!) so he was admitted to hospital for further investigation under sedation.

As expected, Toulouse had a nasty ear infection, requiring an ear flush while under sedation. He recovered well from his procedure and was sent home with pain relief and ear medications to help resolve the infection.

Although the infection has not completely resolved, the inflammation has subsided, and he is much more comfortable. Toulouse will continue with ear medication and regular ear cleaning twice weekly to help clear the infection.