Our wonderful clients may often see these familiar faces around our clinic, and we thought it was about time they got a proper introduction.

Billy or more often known as Bilirubin (who doesn’t love a medical pun), is a 6 to 7 month old domestic short hair that is our new resident cat. Billy enjoys spending his days sleeping on his scratching post, chasing the mouse on the computer screen, drinking out of the nurses fresh cups of tea, and wondering why Leroy doesn’t want to wrestle him.

Leroy, the gorgeous 10 year old Aussie Bulldog often spends his days puttering around the clinic, where he begs the nurses for their lunch, attempts to steal all the toys from the puppy school room, and enjoys a good scratch. We would absolutely love to claim Leroy as our other clinic pet, but in reality, Leroy is Dr Toms much loved brother in arms and comrade.

Both of these gorgeous fella’s would love a scratch if you ever happen to catch them in reception, but we ask that you try your best to ensure the front door closes behind you, as Silly Billy doesn’t know his way back home.