Preventative Dental Care

Dental disease is a common condition affecting cats and dogs. There are many prophylactic (preventative) measures which can be used to keep their teeth clean and protect them from tartar accumulation. These include:

  • Teeth brushing! (Yes you do it every day so why not do your pet's too?)
  • Hills Prescription Diet t/d
  • Aquadent or Hexarinse
  • Raw meaty bones and sheep necks for adult dogs and chicken necks for cats and small dogs

In most cases, dental disease is preventable, therefore it's important to be able to identify the early signs:

  • At first, you may first notice changes in your pets’ breath - In this case, a professional scale and polish is required.
  • If your pet's gums have become red through dental disease they will be starting to experience permanent changes, pain and gum recession which could lead to tooth loss. Your pet will greatly appreciate getting dental care before this happens

We have a full dental suite at our disposal, which includes a high and low speed drill, ultrasonic scaler and polisher. This equipment all assists in giving your pet a speedy and comfortable recovery.

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