Toilet Training

Toilet training puppies relies on positive reinforcement. The most effective way to toilet train your puppy is to take your pup into the garden in the area you have designated toilet-zone and give a reward of a pat or a treat afterwards. The times when puppies are most likely to need to go to the toilet are after they have woken up from a nap, after eating and after playing. Puppies will start to circle and sniff around when they need to go to the toilet, which is also a good time to take your pup outside. Patience is important, as most puppies don’t develop full bladder control until around 14 weeks of age. Never rub your pup’s nose into their “mistakes” Puppies won’t associate the “accident” 15 minutes ago with the punishment you give.

As a new puppy owner, there's a lot of new information learn. Therefore a complete downloadable guide to caring for your new puppy is available below for your convenient future reference

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