Toilet Training

Successful toilet training is essential for a well adjusted kitten. So a litter tray, cat litter and a scoop are essential. Most kittens will take to using a litter tray easily.

To reduce the chance of problems:

  • Put the litter tray somewhere easily accessible, but with a bit of privacy and away from the regular eating place.

  • Remove the wet litter and faeces from the tray once or twice daily. Cats don’t like a dirty toilet any more than we do!

  • Replace the litter and clean the litter tray with hot water once or twice a week.

  • If you have more than one cat, the general rule is one litter tray per cat and a spare.

As a new kitten owner, there's a lot of new information learn. Therefore a complete downloadable guide to caring for your new kitten is available below for your convenient future reference

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