The Australian Veterinary Association has had 2 confirmed cases of a disease called Leptospirosis in dogs within the Ringwood / Bayswater areas.

  • Can spread via infected water, mud, soil, plants, ingestion of raw meat and can also exist in the urine and faeces of infected animals. Commonly spread via rats.


  • Is zoonotic and can spread directly from animals to humans


  • Can cause serious illness in some dogs and can be fatal


  • Symptoms include vague signs such as fatigue and fevers to more serious signs such as weight loss, acute kidney and liver failure


  • Treatable with antibiotics if detected early


  • Vaccine is available to reduce the chances of severe symptoms but does not completely cover against all species of the disease

If you’re concerned that your pet may be at risk and would like to discuss the use of available vaccines, please contact the clinic on 03 9704 6463